Why Lithuania

The source of the photo is http://www.lithuania.travel/lt

Lithuania is an Eastern European country. It is the largest and oldest of the three Baltic States with the coastline at the Baltic Sea. Also Lithuania is geographical center of Europe and is bordered by Belarus, Latvia, Poland, and Russia. Lithuania is Democratic Republic and it has international partnerships with NATO, the EU and the Schengen area.

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, is the largest and one of the oldest cities of the country. The second largest city is Kaunas, which is called the heart of Lithuania.

The name of Lithuania was mentioned for the first time in 1009, hence the country already existed for more than a thousand years. Lithuanian language is the oldest living language of the Indo-European family and it is known as one of the most difficult languages in the world. But in Lithuania most people know more than 2 languages, so it’s not a problem to interact with foreigners at all.


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