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Facts about nature of Lithuania:

  • although Lithuania is a small country, but it is distinguished by the uniqueness and versatility of nature: plains, hills, plethora of forests, lakes and wetlands, a wavy Baltic Sea.;
  • Lithuania is an extremely watery region – there are 758 rivers and more than 2800 lakes;
  • forests cover 1/3 of country’s area
  • Lithuania has preserved the naturalness, unpolluted and fresh air;





  • national parks are set up in the country’s most beautiful places – Lithuania has five national parks: Dzūkija (is the name for the Southeast Lithuania), Aukštaitija (is the name of one of five ethnographic regions of Lithuania), Curonian Spit, Samogitia and Trakai historical national park – it is the only historical national park in Europe;
  • the Kernave Archaeological site – was included into UNESCO world heritage list;
  • Lithuanian seasides are famous for the amber found on the shores of the Baltic Sea.



The source of the photo

Lithuania is a great place for traveling alone or with family. There are about 1.5 million visitors or tourists that travel to Lithuania per year. Lithuania has a lot of beautiful places and sights what is worth to see and visit – amazing nature, national parks, impressive architectural heritage of history – castles, manors, churches, monuments, museums and galleries. We want to make your stay in Lithuania an indelible experience, so we suggest you visit the most popular places of interest.





10 places to visit in Lithuania:

1. Hill of Crosses.

2. The Gates of Dawn.

3. Trakai Castle.

4. Ensemble of Pazaislis Church and Monastery.

5. Ensemble of Vilnius University.

6. Gediminas Castle.

7. Amber Road Objects.

8. National Park of the Curonian Spit.

9. Anne’s and Bernardine Church.

10. Vilnius Old Town.

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